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Upli Capital prodives ready-made solutions for business development of startups:

  1. Product analysis
  2. Executive search
  3. Increase sales
  4. Investment relations
  5. Worldwide expansion


Product analysis.

We believe, that if startups are going to achive ampitious results, they must to research value of their target audience and partners.
This methodology allows to answer key questions:

  • Who are your target audience?
  • When and why target audience uses your product?
  • What problems does your product able to solve?
  • How do your competitors solve similar problems?
  • How to increase amount of leads and a size of typical deal?

Executive search.

  • We understand how to build the strongest team using effecting methods of hiring. Anybody say too difficult to find effecient stuff. But you can't achive ambitious goals without dream team collected from experts.
  • We don't use Head Hunter. But we belive it is easiest way to scale your team using Linkedin. Due to this, we always have an opportunity to interwiew foreign candidates.
  • Upli Capital values its time and the time of our partners. We forward candidates to our customers only after finish interview of them when we believe that candidate is target.

Increase Sales

The road map for increase sales:

  • Step 1. Research of product / services.
  • Step 2. Analysis of market and competitors.
  • Step 3. Amplifying sales-competence of startup team.
  • Step 4. Discovering target audience, evaluation of their value.
  • Step 5. Preparing of personal presentations. Sales funnel development.
  • Step 6. Meetings, deals support.

Investment Relations.

Target audience:

  • VC and Crypto funds
  • Worldwide fundraisers
  • High Net Worth Individuals
  • Family offices
  • Worldwide Investment pools

Worldwide expansion.

Forwarding startups to worldwide markets:

  • Hunting an experienced head of local business unit.
  • Hiring staff and looking for fundraisers.
  • Preparation of workshops and events
  • Peer-to-peer meetings with top tier of target corporations.
  • Investment relations.