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Upli Capital active looking for partners among Funds, Blockchains and Technical startups for creating new necessary products for humans.

Strategic investment partner:

Global Fintech Solutions

Global Fintech Solutions (GFS), is a leading one stop-shop for global financial institutions seeking to usher in a new era in FinTech. Our goal is to help Financial institutions implement innovative digital strategies, by incorporating the most advanced FinTech solutions into their core business and generating new revenue streams.

By integrating financial technologies into high-growth markets, we generate positive ROI for investors, while successfully delivering value and growth to our portfolio companies.

Strategis blockchain partner:

The Power Blockchain

The Power is scalable blockchain environment for real-time user and companies interaction.

Based on Rezonans Algorithm of consensus. Innovative consensus for decentralized systems. Unlike pBFT, the Resonance consensus is synchronous, which allows the system to remain operational even if 50% + 1 node remains conscientiously working. It is used inside the shard to block creation for the best user experience and network interactions with a minimum delay time.

Based on Sharding. Sharding is separation of one large information system into homogeneous minisystems (shards) for parallel execution of actions with the system. This separation allows you to accelerate the original system as many times as it will be to divide it. The Power, theoretically, allows an unlimited number of partitions.